Popular Nicknames For London With Meanings

London is the capital of the United Kingdom and its largest city. It’s also known as a financial center, historical town, and an international metropolis with many skyscrapers. People of London are also  called brits because of their British heritage. Popular Nicknames For London here many people come to visit this place every year for work or vacation purposes.

Top Popular Nicknames For London

There are plenty of nicknames London has been given, and we’ll go through the most famous London nicknames below.

  • The Big Smoke

London is also known as “The Big Smoke” or just simply London due to its large amount of pollution in the past.

  • Babylon

London was nicknamed “Babylon” by William Blake because it seemed like an eternal city that would never fall.

  • The Cradle of Western Civilization

London is also known as “The Cradle of Western Civilization” since many important political, artistic, and scientific movements originated in London.

  • New York on the Thames

London was called “New York on the Thames” when it surpassed New York City for having more skyscrapers than any other city in America back in the 1930s or 40s.

  • The Queen’s Stone

London’s nickname used to be The Queen’s Stone because there were so many buildings made with stone from all different periods during British monarchy days.

  • London Bridge City

London is also called London Bridge City because London has more bridges than Venice, Italy.

  • The Great Wen

London’s nickname The Great Wen comes from a 19th-century poem that compared London to an insect infestation on trees.

Many people think this name sounds weird now. Still, it used to be very popular when Britain had colonies throughout Africa, India, China, Australia, etc., so many places were named after London using the word wen, which means a bug. Chinese!

  • Londinium

The Capital – Londinium – Townie/Towny (a person who lives in London) *This might offend some people because not everyone likes living here*. For some reason, Londoners have been calling their city “Londinium” Roman times and Ireland also have some beautiful names you must check

  • The Blues

London’s football team is called “the Blues,” which used to be London’s color. Londoners also call their city the Big Smoke because London was very polluted due to its factories in 19th century England.

  • The Blitz

During World War II, London suffered through The Blitz, so some people now think of London as a tough survivor that can beat any challenge or problem thrown at it. Even though London has been around for more than 2000 years, there are still new things discovered about this mysterious place!

Nicknames based on where you live might vary depending on what part of London you’re from and who your friends are. For example, if I lived near Westminster Abbey, I would probably call my area West End instead of Central London.

  • Auld Reekie

Anywhere else in Britain, you’ll likely hear “Auld Reekie,” meaning Old Smoky or Burning Home, most likely due to how smoggy London was back then.


London has so many nicknames! London can be called: The Capital, West End instead of Central London, and Londinium. Other popular London nicknames are Townie/Towny (a person who lives in London), Auld Reekie, meaning Old Smoky or Burning Home, and The Big Smoke. Which is because its an industrial city.

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