15+ Unique Nickname for Ireland

Ireland or Eire (the official name for Ireland developed after a Goddess in Irish culture) has a lot of nicknames due to various features. Ireland is an ancient country with a huge enormous history and deep-rooted culture. The country is surrounded by green fields all around and has a very moderate temperature. Irish people use potatoes as a staple food.

Ireland has a lot of nicknames, just like any other country depending on the context of how one wants to know the name. Today we are going to explore some of the famous nickname for ireland.


In 1937state had a new constitution and the name of the state was given to Ireland instead of Eire because the English name was required. The name Eire was in the Irish language and many people still remember that name even today. Eire is basically an old term in Irish language and still, people know the state by this name.

2)Erin OR Eriin;

Erin or Eriin is a name for a famous goddess who said a phrase in Irish language: long live Ireland. Due to that reason we also remember this Nickname for Ireland.

3)The Emerald Isle;

That name is attributed to the greenery around the country. The IRELAND Republic has a pleasing environment due to green grasses that can be easily viewed all over the country.

Ireland republic is home of mostly Island located in the state, In 18-century poet, ‘William Drennan” give reference to green fields of the Island due to its green fields its beauty became popular then. The fact that it is called emerald isle is because emerald is a stone that is green in color and the green landscapes of the Island resemble it.

Nickname for Ireland

4)Roisin Dubh;

This old name came from ancient times back to 15 century when a song named ‘Dark Rosalyn’ which we originally a love song became popular among the people and later it became the identity of the state and use to remember the struggle stories’

5)Inia Fail;

Well, this nickname is derived from the Irish language, which means ‘Destiny island ‘and is a unique name. Well, the beauty of Ireland is not hidden from the world, and the state has an exceptional gift of nature in the form of islands. That is the reason this state is often called by the nickname inia fail, which means Island of destiny or destiny Ireland.


Hibernia is a name that is given because of prolonged winters in Ireland and this is a Latin nickname meaning winter land. In the winter season, the weather of the Island becomes extremely beautiful with a cosy chilling day that can bring out one’s adventurous side and provide him with internal peace’. People often visit Ireland in the winter season to get the perfect view of nature’s beauty in the snowtime.

7)Fodla and Banbha;

In Irish this nickname is used for literary Ireland. This is an Irish term that is also used to refer to Ireland because of the literacy rate and sense of knowledge in the people of Ireland. Sometimes people also refer to Ireland as wisdom land or the knowledge land due to the literacy reasons and knowledge of people.

8)The Land Of Saints And Scholars’;

Due to the knowledge and wisdom of ancient times of Ireland, the country is named The Land Of Saints And Scholars; Many known poets and scholars were Irish and the world remembers them by their country name.

They became an identity for the country, and the country became an identity for them so this nickname is common due to the intellectual people.

9)Gaelic names for Island;

Gaelic is more than two hundreds thousand years old ancient language and has lots of meaningful nicknames for Ireland e.g : Eire is a Gaelic nickname in the Gaelic language, which derived from old Irish.


We will discuss some other Gaelic unique nicknames are given below; 


  • Down
  • Dublin
  • Fermanagh 
  • Galway  
  • Kerry
  • Kildare 
  • Kilkenny 
  • Longford 
  • Louth 
  • Meath 
  • Monaghan 
  • Offaly 
  • Roscommon
  • Sligo 
  • Tipperary
  • Tyrone 
  • Waterford 
  • Westmeath 
  • Wexford 
  • Carlow


Ireland is a beautiful country gift by nature with various factors. The country has a great culture with beautiful existence and reputation. Ireland has lots of unique names that define the attributes of the country and are very famous in the world. 

Irish people love to eat potatoes as their staple food and some of their names are historical and cultural in context. Some Gaelic nickname for Ireland are also very common, which are also discussed above.

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